Following requirements specifies the expectations regarding the attitudes and behaviour of business partners in their business. These requirements provide a basis for successful building business relationships between Autometal and its partners.


Environmental strategy contains the respect and continual improvement of the ecological acceptability of our products and reduction of the burden on natural resources, taking the economic considerations into account. For this reason the compliance of all related environmental laws and regulations is a must for all business partners in all countries where they operate.


Furtherly we expect our business partners to take into account and respect following aspects:


Creation and application of the environmental management system

We expect appropriate environmental management system applied from all business partners with production plants to reduce the effects influencing the environment. From the main suppliers the environmental management system certified acc. to international standard ISO 14001 is required.


Active handling of the environmental challenges

It is necessary to strive for development and extension of the ecological technologies and so there is a need to make measures for responsible approach to the environment.


Damage prevention in environmental and safety area / Products and processes with low consumption of resources and low greenhouse gas emissions causing the greenhouse effect

In all kind of activities any effects on environment and safety are prevented or minimalized. During the development, production, product use and other activities the effect on resource and energy saving, reduction of greenhouse emissions, use of renewable resources and damage minimization on environment and safety has to be considered.


Conflict material sourcing

To enact rules obligating publically traded companies to disclose the use of Conflict Minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold, or “3TG”) originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”) or its adjoining countries (“Covered Countries”). The origin tracing of conflict minerals, especially tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold, shall be applied in the whole supply chain. We support the humanitarian goal of ending violent conflict in the DRC and surrounding countries.


Waste and recycling

The prevention of waste, reuse, recycling, and safe and environmentally friendly disposal of residual waste is considered during the development, production, product use and other activities.


Employee training

Employees are informed, qualified and motivated in the area of environmental protection acc. to their work assignments.






Human rights strategy respects the internationally recognized human rights and takes these as a basement for all business relationships. Especially to follow following provision and labour law of the country where the business partner operates is a must:


                Freedom of association

Respect of the fundamental right of all employees to form unions and employee representation and be their members. Where the right is limited due to local law, alternative possibilities for employee representation have to be supported in compliance to law.


Discrimination exclusion

Equality of chances and equal treatment no matter what ethnic origin, colour, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social origin or political opinion, if those are based on democratic principles and tolerances towards those with dissenting opinions, has to be ensured.


Forced labour

Company Autometal refuses any conscious use of forced and compulsory labour including debt bondage and forced labour of prisoners.


Child labour

Child labour is forbidden. Minimal age for employment is respected acc. to rules of national standards.


Rewards and achievements

Rewards and achievements which are paid or provided for regular working month correspond to at least legally valid guaranteed minimum. If not defined by law then they are oriented according to the sectoral or locally usual tariff rewards.


Working hours

Working hours has to be at least equivalent to the relevant national legal standards or the standards of the applied economic area.


Safety and health protection

Business partner respects at least related national safety and health protection standards and introduces appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety on workplace so the working conditions don´t threaten the health of the workers.


Transparent business relationship is an essential part of the SCM vision and considers:


                Avoiding the conflicts of interest

Business partners are making their decisions on a substantive criteria basis and won´t be influenced by personal interests and relationships.


Corruption combat

Support of national and international efforts to ensure the competition is not influenced or deformed by corruption and rejection of any acts of corruption and acts which can damage the business. All partners should ensure that their employees or representatives will not offer any bribes, unacceptable forms of gifts or any other unacceptable payments or advantages to customers, authority or any other third person parties or receive any such payments from them.


Honorable market behaviour


                Free competition

Ensuring the valid and applicable laws controlling the free competition and antitrust laws is a must. Especially no agreements with competitors, suppliers, customers and other third person parties which could be in conflict with competition should be closed and no misuse of any possible market dominance.


Import and export control

All valid and applicable laws have to be respected by all partners when importing and exporting goods and services.


Money laundering

Business partners keep business relationship with those partners only of whose integrity they are convinced. All valid laws against money laundering have to be respected.


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