Autometal is working to improve our company, our processes and the skills of all our employees to become one of the leading companies in our areas. We are committed to quality excellence, a customer-focused process approach and continuous improvement. We expect and encourage our suppliers to adopt these same principles and practices. Our goal is to have suppliers that are capable of exceptional performance. We are actively seeking to attract suppliers that are capable of delivering superior products in terms of quality, delivery, price and features. Once selected, our goal is to work closely with these suppliers to develop a strong, stable, structured relationship.


We expect a commitment from our suppliers to achieve following:

-          Developing continuous improvement, supporting innovation and innovative thinking

across all operational areas

-          Continuous reduction of costs and resources related to needed materials, times,

logistics and all other operations to fulfil our common customer´s requirements and expectations

-          To live the open respectful communication culture to all partners as a strong basement

for long term cooperation

-          On time deliveries of fully conforming parts, products and services

-          Understanding and consistency of our and ours customers’ specific requirements and its

application to all supply chain partners

-          Positive brand perception

-          To respect the highest ethical standards related to environment, humanity rules and social

responsibility approach







In Zaluzany, on 20.1.2017                                                                                                         Ing. Marcel Pacovský - General Manager

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